Nice to meet you

If you are looking for a very hands-on sr. online producer/project manager you have come to the right place.
I got my start in advertising and I have been working for agencies ever since.
There is just something special about the atmosphere.

I tend to be very practical in everything I do, like this website.
Since I had some time on my hands I decided to upgrade my existing website,
which was let's be honest, very outdated.

So I have build a couple of sites in simple html, using css before making this one actually.
As I was working on my website I realized that it would be better as a single page website and
that it had to be responsive as well or it would be outdated (again), before it's even finished.

But to be complete fair, I did my research and found a template that I liked and I have turned it into this website.


My approach to projects is looking
for solutions instead of seeing problems

Very Flexible

I am very flexible, available for 40 hours
per week and more if needed.

Through the line

With my allround experience, I can be of assistance
on allmost all aspects of communication

About me

Well let's see, although I look fairly normal, I am a nerd in disguise you could say.
When I have some time to myself, I experiment with techniques and
for example renew my own website.

So this website that you are currently visiting
has been coded and designed by me, for better or worse I would say.
But my main objective is to keep using the techniques, so I don't forget what it's all about.

This summer I have also been working on a app for myself, it is still a work in progress.

Laura Hevonoja

Sr. Online Project Manager/ Producer

15+ years of experience within advertising agencies
client side and within game development.


Dennis Weisscher, UX manager Benelux at Samsung Electronics

Laura is a very experienced, loyal, honest and realistic project manager. She works hard and is always looking for solutions to make the life of the client more easy. I highly recommend Laura.

Marieke Vellekoop, Head of Digital at Cheel Amsterdam

Laura is a beyond a senior level project manager - she understands complicated back-end projects, can't be fooled by developers and works her butt of to get things done. She understands the client and is therefore loved by them. Budget and planning wise she is realistic and honest. Plus: she is a lot of fun:-)

Siep Kosse, Manager Marketing & Sales at Medicore

Laura is a hands-on project manager, with a practical and optimistic attitude and an open mind. I enjoyed working with her.

Michiel Sala, CEO Little Chicken Game Company

Laura has implemented a project management structure and methodology that has enabled Little Chicken to substantially grow as a gamedeveloper that provides products for consumer brands. In the future we hope that Laura can consult us as our company continuous to grow in the rapid speed it does. She is a winner.


Please find below my some of my workhistory

Cheel Amsterdam

ai. Online projectmanager / March 2014 – June 2014

As digital project manager I am responsible for all client communication,
specification of development requirements, planning and budget for the project. During my time at Cheel I have been working on the development of two large application within a CRM platform.
Leading the internal development team and two external teams to complete the project.< br>


a.i. Manager Online team / June – December 2011

At Mocreate I was responsible for the online team.
The team of 5 people was responsible for the social media
communication of Samsung Mobile Netherlands.

Daily we would see what opportunities there were on the different social media channels
and see what we would come up with (from a creative perspective) on the different channels.
Channels served: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

a.i. traffic/ project manager / February 2013 – April 2013

For I had the pleasure of working on a to be launched and
marketed web application.
My focus as traffic/ project manager was to get things done
on time and ensure consistency in the communication to the market..

Samsung Electronics Benelux

Sr. online project manager / October 2013 - February 2014
As interim project manager I worked on the development and release of three applications
that are a part of a five application CRM suite.

I was responsible for QA, testing, content and the internal roll-out of the applications within Samsung.
As a part of my role I was also responsible for gathering the internal requirements,
briefing the developers and ensuring business requirements for the applications were in sync.


Sr. online project manager / January 2012 - February 2012
At medicore the challenge was to create a new website (B2B target audience)
that would serve all products equally.

For this project I was responsible for the redesign coordination within Medicore and
for stearing the offshore team for development.

Little Chicken Game Company

Sr. project manager, Studio manager / October 2008 - January 2011
The projects consist of developing games for various platforms,
with rapid game development at the hart of the business.

Besides developing for web, Little Chicken also develops for various
other platforms like Nintendo Wii, mobile phones and iPad and off course social networks such as facebook.

My role as studio manager extended from strategy to execution. Within this role
I was responsible for leading the development teams, quality ensurance,
planning and realisation of all projects within time and budget.

As social media has become very prominent within the daily media consumption of the average consumer,
almost all projects have been connected to and-or developed for
social media website like Facebook and Hyves within the Netherlands.
Working for brands like Henkel, Pepsi, BP and Efteling have been a pleasure.

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To find out if I am available please send me a e-mail or give me a call.
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Phone: +31-6 20 67 87 00   E-mail:   Skype: laura.hevonoja   Twitter: @lhevonoja